2017 Subscription Offer

2017 Subscription Offer
Dear Friends of Undertow,
The subscription offer in 2016 proved very popular so I am once again pleased to offer a subscription for our 2017 releases. 
We will be publishing hardback versions of our titles this year, with completely different covers than the trade editions. There will be 3 different subscription offers: a trade subscription; a hardback subscription; and a combo subscription (trade AND hardback editions). When you purchase a subscription you save approximately 25% off our regular pricing. In essence, you are getting 4 books for the price of 3. I do hope you’ll once again take advantage of this offer.
But, you ask, what books are you publishing?
Our 2017 releases:
Shadows & Tall Trees, Vol. 7 – anthology edited by Michael Kelly featuring all new original fiction from Brian Evenson, Alison Moore, Mary Rickert, Robert Shearman, and other luminaries. (April)
The Dream Operator – short story collection by Mike O’Driscoll. (July)
I Will Surround You – short story collection by Conrad Williams. (October)
Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 4 – edited by Helen Marshall & Michael Kelly. (October)
NOTE – Worldwide postage is included in all pricing.
A Trade Subscription is $75.
A Hardback Subscription is $110.
A Combo Subscription is $165. (Best value – 4 trades and 4 hardbacks with different covers)
You can order from our ‘Shop’ page, or you can PayPal directly to undertowbooks@gmail.com with this in the subject line: Undertow Subscription: (Insert Subscription name). ie. Undertow Subscription: Hardback
I know you are going to love these 4 books as much as I do.
Thank you all for your support!

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