Advance praise for ‘Skein and Bone’

I’m in the formatting and typesetting phase of production for V.H. Leslie’s ‘Skein and Bone,’ and am getting very excited about its release. I thought I’d share some advance praise.


Advance praise for Skein and Bone:


“The strange and vivid worlds in V.H. Leslie’s stories have a nightmarish fairy tale quality to them – a pantry full of secrets, nursery wallpaper whose pattern resembles ‘a forest of umbilical cords’, a crinoline petticoat ‘like an enormous birdcage’. An absorbing and gorgeously unsettling collection.”

  • Alison Moore, Author of The Lighthouse (Short-Listed for the Man Booker Prize)


“A delicate and considered approach to richly imaginative stories.”

  • Adam Nevill, Author of No One Gets Out Alive


“Tales of quiet unease, enigmatic, beautifully told, varied and darkly poetic. Your trepidation with a V.H. Leslie story is not that you might be disappointed but rather the thrill of just how good it is going to be.”

  • Stephen Volk, Author of Whitstable


“V.H. Leslie’s fiction builds in intensity, but at the same time possesses a strange, silky kind of calm. Like a spider, she constructs delicate webs, and she lures you in with elegant, oblique writing. There is an almost unbearable patience to her stories, and, in the best possible sense, a horrible inevitability that shivers within them.”

Conrad Williams, Author of The Unblemished

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