Meet Me in The Middle of The Air

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“In Meet Me in the Middle of the Air, Eric Schaller showcases stories both horrific and transgressive, as well as tales that comment on horror and transgression, and our unthinking acceptance of stereotype or cliché. By turns chilling, disturbing, and, at times, imbued with a dark sense of humor and the author’s scientific perspective, the collection enters into profitable conversation with Poe, Ligotti, and other masters of the form while also being refreshingly its own thing. Very entertaining and smart.”

-Jeff VanderMeer, Best-Selling Author of the Southern Reach trilogy


Dark Miracles. Black Comedies. In an astonishing debut collection of short stories, Eric Schaller invites you to unlock the gates of horn, to ascend the bridge of sighs, and to meet him in the middle of the air. There you’ll encounter Edgar Allan Poe cavorting with Marilyn Monroe; intimate insects and blood red roses; apes and automata; and urban witches, parasites, and zombies. Explore the secret nightlife of the Oscar Wildes. Join the Sparrow Mumbler onstage. March in the menagerie of madness and mayhem. Just don’t look down because all that’s holding you aloft is…air.


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