Free Hardcover book


Free Hardcover book

Welcome to the 2017 Hardback Subscription Offer from Undertow Publications.

This year we’ll be publishing 4 terrific volumes of short stories:

“Shadows & Tall Trees, Vol. 7,” edited by Michael Kelly (April 2017)

“The Dream Operator,” by Mike O’Driscoll (July 2017)

“I Will Surround You,” by Conrad Williams (October 2017)

“Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 4,” edited by Helen Marshall & Michael Kelly (October 2017)

You can get all 4 fantastic hardcover books for just $110. (All shipping included!) This represents a full 25% discount off regular rates. It’s four books for the price of three. A free book. Who doesn’t like a free book? The first two books are shipping already, and the next two will ship in a few weeks.

These are truly beautiful hardcovers, with a consistent and excellent design aesthetic from Vince Haig, our art director. Elegant and classy stuff, if I do so say myself. Imagine them on your bookshelf! Nice.

Thank you all for your support!

2017 Hardback Subscription

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