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Hey, I know some of you aren’t that familiar with the work of Mike O’Driscoll. He’s featured in a number of anthologies edited by the great Ellen Datlow, and his story ‘Sounds Like’ was adapted and filmed by Brad Anderson as part of the Masters of Horror TV series. He’s a great storyteller. His new collection is terrific. And I am very, very pleased with the way both the Trade and Hardcover editions turned out. Please consider supporting a small press and picking up a copy. I need your support. We’ve got some great books coming down the pike: ‘I Will Surround You,’ by Conrad Williams; Year’s Best Weird Fiction Vol. 4, guest-edited by Helen Marshall; and Priya Sharma’s debut collection ‘Fabulous Beasts.’ Plus an exciting project that has fallen into my lap which should see fruition this time next year. All-in-all, it’s going to be a great line-up for Undertow. But, of course, we need your help. So … buy a book, or leave a review, or help spread the word. Thanks!

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