Call for Submissions – YBWF5

Call for Submissions 2017 – Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 5.
Each volume of the Year’s Best Weird Fiction will feature a different Guest Editor. Laird Barron guest-edited Vol. 1, and Kathe Koja was guest editor for Vol. 2. Simon Strantzas guest-edited Vol. 3, Helen Marshall guest-edited Vol. 4, and Robert Shearman is guest-editing Vol. 5.
This is a reprint fiction anthology, to be published in 2018. Series Editor Michael Kelly, and Guest Editor Robert Shearman are seeking material first published this year only, 2017. To be clear, only weird fiction published in 2017 is eligible for inclusion in Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 5.
This is for 2017 material only!
Please send electronic or digital copies only, please! PDFs are preferred, but will also accept text files (Word), Mobi, or ePub. Publishers and editors only are encouraged to send their books, journals, magazines to:
Deadline for all material is December 15, 2017, no exceptions, but sooner (much sooner) is better. Late submissions may not receive proper consideration, especially if we receive a majority of the material at deadline.
Writers: Please do not send unsolicited material. Urge your publisher or editor to send in any relevant work. Feel free to query with any questions or recommendations.
Please note: Only writers whose work is selected for the volume will be contacted.
I am afraid we are not considering any self-published work.
Thank you!
Michael Kelly & Robert Shearman
Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 5

  3 comments for “Call for Submissions – YBWF5

  1. May 2, 2017 at 9:56 am

    I am confused. I have a short story published in a collection 2017. Collection title THE NIGHT BAZAAR. My story was sited by Publishers Weekly in their review of the collection. Can I send you just my story ? Thank you

    • Michael
      May 10, 2017 at 7:16 pm

      Not sure what the confusion is. The editor or publisher has to send us the whole book for consideration.

      • May 10, 2017 at 7:23 pm

        Thank you. I was under the impression that individual stories could be submitted. I will ask my publisher to send in the whole anthology. It will nice for the other authors who aren’t aware of your publication and haven’t submitted to also be included for consideration. That will certainly expand your base of selections. Looking forward to your publication. Best wishes

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