ToC for YBWF4 revealed

ToC reveal for Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 4

Helen Marshall and I are extremely pleased to reveal the Table of Contents for the 4th volume of the ‘Year’s Best Weird Fiction,’ due October. There may still be one addition as we are trying to clear rights on one more story.

“I Was A Teenage Werewolf,” by Dale Bailey. First published in Nightmare Magazine #51.

“Breakdown,” by Gary Budden. First published in ‘The Short Anthology: The Second Issue’.

“The Signal Birds,” by Octavia Cade.  First published in Liminal Stories #2.

“Breaking Water,” by Indrapramit Das. First published at

“The End Of Hope Street,” by Malcolm Devlin. First published in Interzone #266.

“The Blameless,” by Jeffrey Ford. First published in ‘A Natural History of Hell’.

“Waxy,” by Camilla Grudova. First published at Granta Online.

“A Heavy Devotion,” by Daisy Johnson. First publishd in ‘Fen’.

“Red,” by Katie Knoll. First published at The Masters Review Online.

“In The Ruins Of Mohenjo-Daro,” by Usman T. Malik. First published in ‘The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu’.

“Angel, Monster, Man,” by Sam J. Miller. First published in Nightmare Magazine #40.

“Outtakes,” by Irenosen Okojie. First published in ‘Speak, Gigantular’.

“Beating The Bounds,” by Aki Schilz. First published in ‘The Unreliable Guide To London’.

“The Kings With No Hands,” by Johanna Sinisalo. Translated by J. Robert Tupasela. First published in ‘Finnish Weird 3’.

“The Dancer On The Stairs,” by Sarah Tolmie. First published in ‘Two Travelers’.

Also a reminder that the first 2017 release from Undertow Publications, ‘Shadows and Tall Trees 7,’ is now available and shipping, and that you can get all 4 of our 2017 releases at a discounted rate through our subscription plan.

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  2 comments for “ToC for YBWF4 revealed

  1. April 26, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Sweeter n candy. Congrats guys! Perfect as usual! Really looking forward to this! The other three volumes are stellar.

    Mick, Joe, & Woody
    The Sanguine Woods

    • Michael
      May 1, 2017 at 6:18 am

      Thanks, Mick!

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