James Everington on ‘Singing’

“Undertow Publications are a press committed to the art of the literary horror story, and their latest release underlines that commitment. Singing With All My Skin and Bone is the debut collection from Sunny Moraine, a writer from Washington DC whose work has appeared in such places as Nightmare, Shimmer, and Shadows & Tall Trees. The originality of these stories, both in style and content, is apparent from the first piece, ‘Come My Love And I’ll Tell You A Tale’. There’s a lyricism to Moraine’s prose, a sense that these are no mere fictions but incantations of something both unnerving and beautiful. Moraine’s characters are those society considers oddballs and outsiders, and not all of their stories have happy endings. But they are always endings that leave a lasting impression.”
– James Everington, This is Horror

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